now forever afraid of beeing loved

Stop posting these sad and negative pictures and texts on tumblr. There are people who want to do better. People who are on recovery. People who finally want to be happy. I’m sorry for saying it that way. But in my oponion it’s selfish to post things like that. Everyone can see these posts. People who really are depressive wouldn’t show it in the internet! You don’t make them feel better!
Instead of wasting your time with that you should learn how to love yourself. Loving yourself makes your life beautiful. Posting this damn shit makes it just more difficult.
I hope you will get that one day.
Love you all! Don’t forget that you are beautiful and your life is worth living. ♥


You know you read a lot of imagines when you automatically read your name when you see y/n

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my favorite boys! “One Direction”
congrats for four years! so proud!



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what would I give to look like one of them